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Prologue – Where did Bike Vault come from?


The need for (and lack of) secure bicycle storage was the original inspiration for Bike Vault Limited back in 2009.

Neil Robins and Simon Harrison saw the problem, looked at what was on offer at that time, and designed the solution from the ground up.

Bike Vault had to be secure primarily, but also had to be affordable and simple to install. The fact that Bike Vault is also good looking is a bonus.!

Bike Vault was originally designed to be for one bike and one riders kit.

Across the years it became clear that bikes were getting bigger, and also lots of customers wanted to store more than one bike.

In 2017 through a simple length extension of what is now the Bike Vault Original, the Bike Vault Extra was born.

By 2020 a lot has changed. There are more bikes; they cost more money and they need more and better security than ever..

And Bike Vault is still the solution.

Secure, Affordable Bike Storage.